Just Push – new mobile communication

Just Push is new mobile communication platform for all devices with Android OS. It’s new mobile adverstising network allowing to display adverts in Real Time Bidding (RTB) method.


You want to successfully promote your application? Get to precisely targeted focus group? Use ADVERTISER module


Become member of Just Push Network and earn significant on your applications! Decide on your own what and which adverts are supposed to be displayed to your users. Add your apps to our platform as DEVELOPER


You already have an application and want to reach its members? Thanks to PARTNERS module you can contact with them any time You want! Inform about updates and new available features in your application – register as PARTNER

Supported ads formats

Create your own unique advertisement in three simple steps. Just Push campaign creator allows a wide range of modifications regarding ad formats graphic and marketing texts in order to become clearer and understandable for users:

  • Interstitial
  • Banner
  • AppWall
  • Push Notifications
  • Banner Notifications


Quickest way to expand users data base is to promote your application among wide base of active and engaged mobile users.
Just Push gives You unique possibility to promote your application with varaity of different high converting ad formats, it all closes in 3 step process:


Choose type of ad format and triggered action than audiences applications' category just to name a few: communication, entertaiment, games, photography, travel, sports etc.


Target Your sending using different parameters such as: country, mobile device, OS version, carrier, connection type – Wi-Fi/3G


Upload and compose creatives


Get in touch with application’s users:

Inform about new updates and features of your product using Push Notifcations.

Promote PREMIUM content – send your audience directly inside your app, just like a web link.

Cross promote products:

Use mobile formats that fully cooperate with your application

Promote other third parties services with among your database

Use friendly, dedicated panel:

Dedicated dashboard which provides You to view all send outs statistics and performance indicators. The data appear online so You can easily control the process.


Get paid in CPM model, every time You’re suceed even every day!

Just Push is the only RTB platform that guarantees it’s developers to be paid each time they achieve 50 € from their generated impressions which means You can earn your paid even the next day with us!

Having different SDKs for Google Play store and applications which come from different locations You can easily adjust according to your convienience and of course maximize your earnings.


ul. Królewska 16
00-103 Warszawa
tel.: 22 312-1000
fax.: 22 312-1001
email: support@justpush.pl